Lesson Learned: Practice makes perfect, or at least decent

September 2, 2011

I’ve learned time and again here, as I seem to forget after each time that I learn it, that what seems like I’ll never ever Ever in a million years be able to do, the first time I try it, I can usually end up doing pretty well if I give it time and practice. Maybe a simple lesson that I should have learned a while ago, but better late than never, yak?

My banjo lessons are a perfect example of this. I can’t count how many lessons my teacher has introduced a new bit of music or a new technique that made me think, “I’ll never be able to get my fingers to move like THAT! And that fast? No way, José!” But with time, and the bit of practice that I manage to convince myself to do, I manage to get things down. I’ve come from not being able to strum the strings to save my life to playing decently for a tarumit who never touched a stringed instrument before.

Today this lesson finally seemed to click for me. I just might have learned it for good, I think, I hope. As my teacher taught me the opening lines to the song Agass (Izenzaren Igout Abdel-Hadi), I realized my hand is just a little too short to run from C# up to E without accidently hitting C on the way. That simply won’t do, he pointed out. Rather than think, “How in the world am I going to work this one out?” I told myself that with a little work at home, I’ll land this trick like I’ve landed so many others over my two years and change of studying the Berber banjo. And I know I will. Avoiding the sense of frustration didn’t take any effort, which is quite a development for me.

One more lesson that I’m thankful to have learned on this adventure…


~ by marjmallow on September 2, 2011.

One Response to “Lesson Learned: Practice makes perfect, or at least decent”

  1. Well done…perseverance pays off 🙂

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